What just happened? COVID-19 and changes in the wound care nurse role

07-22-2020 10:15

Presenters: Leigh Tyson BSN RN CWOCN, Joyce Black Ph.D. RN WOCN FAAN, Amanda Ball BSN RN CWOCN, Sue Creehan MSN RN CWOCN
This webinar is for a panel discussion on the value of the Wound Care Nurse during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. How specialty practice, patient care, and leadership are impacted by the disease will be explored from the perspectives of both patient and nurse.

Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes

Meet the speakers

Joyce Black, PhD RN WOCN FAAN:  Facilitator

• Skin changes related to COVID-19 for both the patient and the provider, 
• Wound Care Nurse role shifts, wound care outcomes, and pressure injury prevention

Amanda Ball, BSN RN CWOCN

• From perspective of a Health Economics Solutions Manager at Mölnlycke, show how leaders capture and analyze care outcome data 
• What business education is necessary for the Wound Care Nurse Leader to succeed following COVID-19

Sue Creehan, MSN RN CWOCN

• Impact of pandemic on value proposition of the post-acute Wound Care Nurse 
• Constructive leadership in collaborating with facility value analysis colleagues
• Revisions to knowledge gaps and attitudes which tend to create failure in partnership

Leigh Tyson, BSN RN CWOCN

• Personal role shifts and transitions for Wound Care Nurses in the West US practice region
• Outcomes and opportunities for innovation brought forward by the pandemic impact on practice and nursing leadership

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