Under Construction: The Power of Undisturbed Wound Healing

03-03-2020 10:31

This course will familiarize you with the basics of Undisturbed Wound Healing, which is the foundation for effective, evidence-based wound care for uncomplicated wounds.  A brief overview of some of the scientific principles of wound management will be provided.

Please note: This continuing education activity was planned for Registered Nurses. Completing this course does not authorize you to add any skill discussed in the content to your practice if this function is not included in your current scope of practice.


Learning Objectives:


After completing this continuing education activity, the participant should be able to:

1.       Discover: The wound healing process, the optimal healing environment, and the concept of undisturbed wound healing.

2.       Define:  What constitutes an ideal wound dressing.

3.       Distinguish:  Wounds that need disruption to heal versus wounds that must have undisturbed environments to heal optimally.

4.       Discover: The nurse’s role in promoting undisturbed wound healing and the advantages undisturbed wound healing has for the patient, the nurse and the facility.