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Clinical Management of Skin Tears: What You Need to Know

Presenter: Dr. Kimberly LeBlanc - At this webinar, Dr. Kimberly LeBlanc will share the updated definition of Skin Tears from ISTAP and validation of the ISTAP classification system. She will cover: 1. Risk assessment of Skin Tears 2. Skin Tear prevention 3. Assessment...

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Exudate Management: The Small Details that Make a Big Difference

Presenter: Paulo Alves RN, MSc, PhD - In this 45 minute webinar, Dr. Paulo Alves will show an in-depth presentation on how the presence of exudate can be used to influence the decisions that need to be made when planning the treatment of different wounds, using clinical evidence, high quality...

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Undisturbed Wound Healing

In this webinar the audience will learn about the definitions of undisturbed wound healing and review case studies utilizing different dressings to promote undisturbed wound healing. Dr. Tod Brindle, Dot Weir, and Karen Edwards will share: A brief discussion on the multiple definitions of...

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Under Construction: The Power of Undisturbed Wound Healing

This course will familiarize you with the basics of Undisturbed Wound Healing, which is the foundation for effective, evidence-based wound care for uncomplicated wounds. A brief overview of some of the scientific principles of wound management will be provided. Please note: This...

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Phlebolymphedema: the inter-relationship between the venous, lymphatic and integumentary systems

Presenters: Dr. Heather Hettrick and Dr. Marcelo Liberator De Moura What happens when the human body’s waste and drainage system doesn’t work as it should? In this webinar, Dr. Heather Hettrick explains the science behind edema and what happens when your lymphatic system is affected by injury....

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It's Never Just a Skin Tear

Dr. Karen E. Campbell, RN, PhD, NSWOC Dr. Kimberly LeBlanc, RN, PhD, NSWOC How do you prevent, assess and manage skin tears? Global experts Dr. Karen Campbell & Prof. Dimitri Beeckman lead a comprehensive discussion to help you further develop your expertise in treating and protecting...

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EVIDENCE: Better Outcomes for Skin Tears with New 5 Layer Bordered Foam Dressings

Nelson, 2018 A new flexible bordered foam dressing stayed in place over 6 days on skin tears, supporting +78% healing rate and minimizing periwound complications. #Evidence #Wound-Management #Undisturbed-Healing #Reduce-Pain ​​​​ #Post-Acute #Clinical-Education ​​

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The Use of a Silver Impregnated Soft Silicone Wound Contact Layer for Partial Thickness Burn Injuries in Pediatric Burn Patients

Howard, 2017 Pediatric partial thickness burns were managed with reduced pain and trauma using a silver soft silicone contact layer. The return to function was faster; hospital length of stay and the number of clinic visits was reduced for some patients which potentially lowered the cost of...


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Silver Soft Silicone Contact Layer in Extremity Burns: Our Experience

Gillenwater, 2017 In the management of small, non-circumferential extremity burns requiring excision and sheet grafting, the soft silicone silver contact layer appeared to reduce the risk of infection, and the number of staples required to secure the graft as well as the amount of friction...