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Use of a New Foam Dressing Technology with Unique Exudate Channels* (UEC) Under Compression to Handle Copious Thick, Viscous Exudate

Koerner I, 2016 "A new non-bordered conformable soft silicone foam dressing with Unique Exudate Channels* (UEC) transfered thick viscous exudate away from the skin and exceeded expectations for healing, long term wear and less pain for the patient." #Evidence #Wound-Management ...


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A 4-layered Superabsorbent Dressing* Versus the Standard ABD Pad in Managing Moderate to High Exudate Venous Leg Ulcers

Ferreras, 2016 For Venous leg ulcers, use of a four layer superabsorbent dressing reduced periwound maceration and improved healing. Fewer dressing changes, advanced graft expenditures and clinic visits resulted in lower costs. #Evidence #Wound-Management #Undisturbed-Healing ...


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Initial Patient Outcomes with use of an Absorbent Antimicrobial Soft Silicone Exudate Transfer Foam Dressing: A Case Series

Long, 2015 An absorbent antimicrobial soft silicone exudate transfer dressing decreased the frequency of dressing changes, supported epithelialization and decreased pain. #Evidence #Wound-Management #Undisturbed-Healing #Reduce-Pain #Exudate-Management #Reduce-Bioburden #Venous...


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Simple Solutions for Complex Wounds of Multiple Types

Philbin, 2012 An antimicrobial bordered foam dressing used on multiple types of complex wounds resulted in improved exudate management, improved patient comfort and healing or progression toward healing. #Evidence #Wound-Management #Undisturbed-Healing #Reduce-Pain #Exudate...

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In-vitro evaluation of the antimicrobial effects of silver-containing foam dressings against common wound pathogens

Johanson, 2011 In-vitro testing indicates that this silver soft silicone dressing has an instant and sustained effect against a broad range of wound pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant strains. #Evidence #Wound-Management #Undisturbed-Healing #Reduce-Pain #Exudate-Management ...