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Simple Solutions for Complex Wounds of Multiple Types

Philbin, 2012 An antimicrobial bordered foam dressing used on multiple types of complex wounds resulted in improved exudate management, improved patient comfort and healing or progression toward healing. #Evidence #Wound-Management #Undisturbed-Healing #Reduce-Pain #Exudate...

Philbin-2012_Wound Management.pdf

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Acute and Chronic Wound Applications in the Long Term Care Setting for a Soft Silicone Foam Border Dressing with Silver: A Clinical Case Series Demonstrating Value

Krasner, 2012 A soft silicone foam border dressing with silver demonstrated increased versatility in the types of wounds treated, accessibility demonstrated by wide insurance coverage, ease of use and an unequaled ability to reduce pain in long term care patients. #Evidence #Wound...


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Repair The Tear – Value Analysis Of A Skin Tear Protocol: How CWCNs changed clinical and financial management of wounds for a homecare agency

Barrows, 2007 A hospital-based Home Care Agency reduced dressing utilization by 62% while reducing the number of home visits by switching from non-adherrent gauze and gauze wrap to a soft silicone contact layer under the gauze wrap for skin tear patients. Patient satisfaction and clinical...