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Study First: Driving the Case for Improving Hospital Wound Care

Tyson 2019 This Quality improvement Project demonstrated effective exudate absorption with decreased dressing change frequency and no peri-wound maceration. This undisturbed wound healing provided dressing cost savings, nursing labor savings, and improved healing duration outcomes. ...

MHC-2019-37867 Tyson QIP SAWC 2019_FINAL.pdf

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A Pressure Injury Risk Reduction Strategy for the Outpatient Surgery Center

Kimsey III, 2020 Translation of a pressure injury prevention bundle from the inpatient peri-operative area to the unique environment of the Outpatient Surgery Department. #Evidence #Pressure-Injury-Prevention #Sacral ​ #Heel ​ #Reduce-Treatment-Costs ​ #Perioperative ​​​ ​​​​

KimseyIII 2020 PIP OutPt Surgery Center_MHC-2020-78442.pdf

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Integument Emergency: A Case Study for Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

Schindler, 2016 In this case study of a Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis patient, treatment with a topical emollient, oil emulsion mesh contact layer and cover dressing was painful, provided poor exudate management and required frequent cumbersome applications. Switching to an absorbent soft...


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Skin Tears - Innovation and Cost Savings using a Silicone Contact Layer: How Effective Contract Negotiations Contribute to Cost Containment

Flow, 2011 Treatment of skin tears in home health was switched from use of non-adherent gauze/rolled gauze to soft silicone dressings resulting in a 66% reduction in cost of care ($1,500 savings/patient and $65,000 over 6 months) as well as a 66% reduction in nursing visits. #Evidence ...


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Repair The Tear – Value Analysis Of A Skin Tear Protocol: How CWCNs changed clinical and financial management of wounds for a homecare agency

Barrows, 2007 A hospital-based Home Care Agency reduced dressing utilization by 62% while reducing the number of home visits by switching from non-adherrent gauze and gauze wrap to a soft silicone contact layer under the gauze wrap for skin tear patients. Patient satisfaction and clinical...