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What just happened? COVID-19 and changes in the wound care nurse role

Presenters: Leigh Tyson BSN RN CWOCN, Joyce Black Ph.D. RN WOCN FAAN, Amanda Ball BSN RN CWOCN, Sue Creehan MSN RN CWOCN This webinar is for a panel discussion on the value of the Wound Care Nurse during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. How specialty practice, patient care, and leadership are...

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Tortoise® as a support surface

Presenters: Evan Call, MS, CSM and Michelle Deppisch, PT, CWS, FACCWS This webinar will combine science with clinical practice and pressure injury prevention guidelines. They will cover the science of envelopment and immersion. They will also discuss the importance of the...

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A Pressure Injury Risk Reduction Strategy for the Outpatient Surgery Center

Kimsey III, 2020 Translation of a pressure injury prevention bundle from the inpatient peri-operative area to the unique environment of the Outpatient Surgery Department. #Evidence #Pressure-Injury-Prevention #Sacral ​ #Heel ​ #Reduce-Treatment-Costs ​ #Perioperative ​​​ ​​​​

KimseyIII 2020 PIP OutPt Surgery Center_MHC-2020-78442.pdf

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Preventing Pressure Injury in the OR, Why is Prevention Important?

Presenter: Diane Kimsey - A pressure injury in the OR is caused by a combination of pressure, patient position, time, and lack of mobility. Education is a key component to be able to decrease patient risk and prevent pressure injuries from occurring in the OR. During this webinar, Diane...

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Immobility Pressure Injuries in pediatrics: What does the evidence state?

Presenter: Ann Marie Nie, CWOCN and board member of the NPUAP. Ann Marie Nie has done extensive research on the topic of pressure injuries in the pediatric population. In this webinar, she will take you through the current available evidence and her own work on pressure injuries in...

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Find the right care algorithm: how to protect the sacrum

Presenters: Amit Gefen, PhD, MSc, BSc and Nick Santamaria, PhD, MEdSt, RN, RPN Every patient and every case is unique. So based on risk assessment, how do you decide on the right algorithm for an optimal treatment plan tailored to suit each patient? Professor Amit Gefen and Dr. Nick Santamaria...

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Track your progress: Tools and Methods for Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Presenters: Joyce Black PhD, RN, FAAN and William Padula PhD, Assistant Professor How do you generate the data you need to track your progress with pressure ulcer prevention? Who can help you, and what kind of data do you need? Joyce Black and William Padula help you figure out what questions...

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How to implement an effective Pressure Ulcer Prevention program

Presenters: Sue Creehan MSN, RN, CWON and Peggy Kalowes PhD, RN, CNS, FAHA Integrate and implement vital Pressure Ulcer Prevention programmes and practices with existing protocol and routines. Wound care experts Sue Creehan and Peggy Kalowes guide you through the process of adapting effective...