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EDUCATIONAL VIDEO: Differentiating Lower Extremity Wounds

Dr. Michele Carr, RD, DPM, AAPWCA, COS-C presents on wound care of lower extremity ulcers. #Post-Acute #Clinical-Education ​​

Molnlycke Michele Carr Differentiating Lower Extremity Wounds.mp4

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PAMPHLET: CE education for post-acute care

List of free CE courses accredited by Healthstream to support post-acute wound care and prevention education. #Post-Acute #Clinical-Education ​​

822009 Connect2Know_Insert.pdf

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GUIDE: Pressure Injury Prevention Guides for Sacrum and Heel

Comprehensive instructions on how to apply bordered foam dressings that may help prevent pressure injuries to the sacrum and heel #Post-Acute #Clinical-Education ​​​​

822006 Prevention Application Guide_Insert.pdf

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GUIDE: Documenting Pressure Ulcers

Comprehensive guide to documentation of pressure ulcers to defend against law suits #Post-Acute #Clinical-Education ​​​​

822005 PU Documentation Guide-Insert2 (1).pdf

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GUIDE: Infection Prevention in the Post-acute Setting

This guide provides infection prevention recommendations for long term care #Post-Acute #Clinical-Education ​​​​​

HIBICLENS use for Infection Prevention in the Post-Acute Setting.pdf

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GUIDE: Post-acute Wound Dressing Selection Guide

This Post-acute Basic Guide covers product selection support for pressure ulcers, lower extremity wounds, and skin tears. #Post-Acute #Clinical-Education ​​​​

Post Acute Basic Guide 2019.pdf

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BROCHURE: Advanced Wound Care Products For Epidermolysis Bullosa

Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare but challenging skin condition. This brochure provides information on Mölnlycke products approved for use in EB care by the International Consensus Guidelines. #Post-Acute #Clinical-Education #Patient-Education ​​​​​​

MO-1006_EB Product_Brochure_- Read Format Final.pdf

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IN THE NEWS: Building a New Wound Care Matrix

Wound care education is critical, Mölnlycke is supporting series of courses focused on challenges of wound care patient transition from acute to post-acute care. #Post-Acute #Clinical-Education ​​​​

Molnlycke_Mini_EBook_1019_9.24-19 Final.pdf