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A Pressure Injury Risk Reduction Strategy for the Outpatient Surgery Center

Kimsey III, 2020 Translation of a pressure injury prevention bundle from the inpatient peri-operative area to the unique environment of the Outpatient Surgery Department. #Evidence #Pressure-Injury-Prevention #Sacral ​ #Heel ​ #Reduce-Treatment-Costs ​ #Perioperative ​​​ ​​​​

KimseyIII 2020 PIP OutPt Surgery Center_MHC-2020-78442.pdf

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Reducing pressure injuries due to prone position in the OR

Jackson, 2018 Implementing prophylactic dressings on pressure points for neuro-surgical patients in prone position resulted in zero HAPI over the next 9 month in an elderly veteran populations. #Evidence #Pressure-Injury-Prevention #Perioperative #Medical-Device ​​​​ #Intraoperative...


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Reducing pressure ulcer incidence in the surgical cardiovascular patient population

Wagner, 2016 At Temple University, prophylactic dressing application to the sacrum and heels of all cardiac surgery patients decreased HAPI. Extending application to the perioperative period and throughout the LOS in ICU resulted in further reduction to near zero. #Evidence #Pressure...


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Reducing Peri-Operative Pressure Ulcers in Thoracic, Cardiovascular, and Spinal Surgery patients: Achieving ZERO Incidence is Possible!

Castelino, 2013 Two studies show OR-related HAPI reduction with prophylactic foam dressings at UV. In supine position, a 16.7% historical incidence reduced to zero (N=71). In prone, a 10.4% incidence in the control group without dressing application (N=114) compared to a zero incidence in...