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Working together, The Power of Teamwork in Preventing C-section SSI’s

Wood/Connelly, 2020 Tuscon Medical Center developed an SSI Reduction Pathway incorporating both current and newly implemented strategies to address SSIs in their C-section patient population. Among additions were Hibiclens ® pre-operative showering, standardized wound care instructions, and...

Working together, The Power of Teamwork in Preventing C-section SSI’s.pdf

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Decreasing Cesarean Section Surgical Site Infection Rates Using Self-Adherent Antimicrobial Soft Silicone Foam Dressings

Erickson, 2018 High SSI rates threatened to stop C-Section deliveries. Standardizing a protocol utilizing silver post-op dressings and surgical closing tray procedures led to a reduction in SSI rates, from 2.15% to 1.01% with $244,607 in estimated treatment costs avoided. #Evidence ...


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Decreasing Cesarean Surgical Infection Rates by Changing Post Op Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Underhill, 2018 This AORN 2018 top poster is a review of over 5,000 patients. C-section SSI rates were reduced by over 3% to 0.94% with a silver post-op dressing; facility SSI treatment costs avoided estimated at 1.8+ million dollars. #Evidence #Infection-Prevention #SSI-Prevention #C...