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The Use of a Silver Impregnated Soft Silicone Wound Contact Layer for Partial Thickness Burn Injuries in Pediatric Burn Patients

Howard, 2017 Pediatric partial thickness burns were managed with reduced pain and trauma using a silver soft silicone contact layer. The return to function was faster; hospital length of stay and the number of clinic visits was reduced for some patients which potentially lowered the cost of...


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Silver Soft Silicone Contact Layer in Extremity Burns: Our Experience

Gillenwater, 2017 In the management of small, non-circumferential extremity burns requiring excision and sheet grafting, the soft silicone silver contact layer appeared to reduce the risk of infection, and the number of staples required to secure the graft as well as the amount of friction...


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Randomized controlled trial of three burns dressings for partial thickness burns in children.

GeeKee, 2015 This prospective RCT trial compared the effects of three silver dressing combinations on acute partial thickness burns in 96 children. The silver foam dressing was the most effective in terms of accelerated wound re-epithelialization and decreased pain with dressing changes. Other...


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Simple Solutions for Complex Wounds of Multiple Types

Philbin, 2012 An antimicrobial bordered foam dressing used on multiple types of complex wounds resulted in improved exudate management, improved patient comfort and healing or progression toward healing. #Evidence #Wound-Management #Undisturbed-Healing #Reduce-Pain #Exudate...

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In-vitro evaluation of the antimicrobial effects of silver-containing foam dressings against common wound pathogens

Johanson, 2011 In-vitro testing indicates that this silver soft silicone dressing has an instant and sustained effect against a broad range of wound pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant strains. #Evidence #Wound-Management #Undisturbed-Healing #Reduce-Pain #Exudate-Management ...