Research Support

Research and QIP support

Mölnlycke offers opportunities for independent research!

As part of our evidence strategy, we are launching a program to support independent research projects that advance knowledge and contribute to the body of wound healing and surgical outcomes evidence.

Investigator-Initiated Study (IIS)

For research article authors who would like to engage with Mölnlycke in developing an Investigator-Initiated Study, or IIS, please meet Tod Brindle, PhD MSN RN CWCN:

Todd Brindle


I am Tod Brindle, Medical Director for Mölnlycke US. I’m happy to hear you are interested in more information on how Mölnlycke supports clinical research. 

Mölnlycke partners with investigators on a variety of research initiatives that advance the state of the science in wound care prevention and treatment as well as surgical outcomes. The global Medical & Economic Affairs team at Molnlycke is ready to review your proposal and support your study ideas. A team of researchers, clinicians, and health economic experts review all protocol submissions monthly and will be responsive to your needs. Please click one of the below to complete an application for research project consideration:

A concept for a study that is in an early stage of development

             A study proposal that you have fully developed           

Thank you for sharing your research idea! Please feel free to reach out to me with any further questions. Once submitted, a member of our global research team will contact you.

Best regards,

Tod Brindle, PhD MSN RN CWCN
US Medical Director

Quality Improvement Projects: Wound Prevention, Wound Management, or Safe Surgical Outcomes

For project authors who would like to discuss support for a Quality Improvement Project that focuses on wound prevention, wound management or safe surgical outcomes, please meet Michelle Deppisch, PT CWS FACCWS

Michelle Deppisch


I am Michelle Deppisch, Clinical Evidence Manager at Mölnlycke US.  I am happy to hear that you have a proposal for a Quality Improvement Project that involves one or more of our products.  I am recommending that you read the following:

Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit

We have resources to share with you, as well as guidance for how we partner with clinicians in the development of their projects.  Please email me at and we will begin our internal review and then reach out to discuss your proposed project!

Thank you,

Michelle Deppisch, PT CWS FACCWS

US Clinical Evidence Manager