Wound Management


Wound management is an art as well as a science. Upgrade your knowledge and that of your team by taking and prescribing the courses below, read the papers and posters and view the webinars on how to effectively and holistically manage your patients’ wounds.

Featured Wound Management CE Course:


Skin Tear Management and Prevention - CNE 1.0 Contact Hour - ANCC credit

Skin tears are one of the most frequent injury among hospitalized patients over age 65. These traumatic injuries can become chronic wounds if left untreated or managed inappropriately. This course will discuss accurate classification and best practice strategies for the prevention and management of skin tears.

Featured Wound Management Webinar:

featured webinar

It's never just a skin tear

Presenters: Dr. Karen E. Campbell, RN, PhD, NSWOC and Dr. Kimberly LeBlanc, RN, PhD, NSWOC

How do you prevent, assess and manage skin tears? Global experts Dr. Karen Campbell & Prof. Dimitri Beeckman lead a comprehensive discussion to help you further develop your expertise in treating and protecting your patients from skin tears.

Featured Wound Management Evidence:

wound management evidence

Tyson 2019 - Study First: Driving the Case for Improving Hospital Wound Care

This Quality improvement Project demonstrated effective exudate absorption with decreased dressing change frequency and no peri-wound maceration. This undisturbed wound healing provided dressing cost savings, nursing labor savings and improved healing duration outcomes.

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