Pressure Injury Prevention


Get support for your prevention best practice by reviewing these webinars and evidence elements, and take and prescribe the Courses below to drive knowledge and awareness of facility-acquired conditions.

Featured Pressure Ulcer Prevention CE Course:


SAFE Turning and Positioning For Patients and Caregivers - CNE 1.0 Contact Hour(s)

This course focuses on methods and products for patient turning and positioning that improve safety for both the patient and caregivers. Threats to the patient from pressure, shear and friction and how preventive intervention helps to reduce hospital-acquired pressure injuries are discussed. The link between patient and staff safety is established and the essential components of both successful Pressure Injury Prevention Programs and Safe Patient Handling Programs are reviewed.

Featured Pressure Ulcer Prevention Webinar:

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How Turning & Positioning can help prevent Pressure Ulcer

Presenters: Amit Gefen, PhD, MSc, BSc and Chenel Trevellini, MSN, RN, CWOCN

How can effective repositioning prevent pressure ulcers in patients while protecting caregivers as well? Global experts Professor Amit Gefen and Chenel Trevellini lead this comprehensive discussion on how a turning & positioning system establishes continuous protection against pressure ulcers throughout the patient journey.

Featured Pressure Ulcer Prevention Evidence:

prevention evidence

Cooper 2017 - A Prevention Bundle That Reduces Shear Decreases HAPI

This facility focused on decreasing shear by utilizing a bundle including prophylactic dressings and a turning and positioning system for a large reduction in hospital-acquired pressure injuries.

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