Infection Prevention


Prevention of facility-acquired infection is essential in all environments of care. Read and learn the evidence supporting best practice in infection prevention, and support your team in elevating their knowledge by prescribing the courses on infection prevention.

Featured Infection Prevention CE Course:

infection prevention CE courses

Perspectives on Prevention: Surgical Site Infections: Target Zero! – CNE 1.3 Contact Hour(s)

This course discusses surgical site infections; risk factors for their development that are related to the patient, the surgery and the hospital environment and best practice interventions in pre, intra and post-operative periods.

Featured Infection Prevention Webinar:

infection prevention webinar

The Horizontal Approach to Infection Prevention

A horizontal approach to infection prevention may be the best strategy for facilities to decrease the bioburden of microorganisms on the patient, the environment, and the hands of healthcare workers. In this webinar, learn more about vertical and horizontal strategies and the advantages/disadvantages with both.

Featured Infection Prevention Evidence:

infection prevention evidence

Underhill 2018 - Reduce C-Section SSI Rates and Costs Ten Fold: Implementation of a Silver Foam Post-op Dressing

C-section SSI rates reached and maintained a ten-fold reduction to < 0.4% following a single intervention: a soft silicone, silver bordered foam post op dressing. Treatment costs avoided totaled 1.47 million over a 5 year period.

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