Surviving a Surgical Glove Change

11-20-2020 12:34

Author: LuAnn M. Landis, BSN RN CNOR

Baycare Health System sought to standardize and consolidate surgical gloves throughout the 15-hospital system. A quality v. cost analysis resulted in a Value Analysis Committee decision to partner with Molnlycke Biogel as the sole surgical glove provider. The Biogel team provided staff education, glove sizing and implementation. Multiple facilities went non latex with a synthetic glove system and staff adapted the practice of double gloving using a colored indicator underglove.

Glove styles decreased 75% from 52 to 13 and 205.2 square feet (20.44 cubic feet) was recovered in one 8 OR suite with similar or greater space savings reported in other system operating room suites.

(Surviving a Surgical Glove Change, LuAnn M. Landis, BSN RN CNOR, OR Manager Poster Presentation, 2020)

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