Right Dressing, Right Wound: Dressing Selection for Optimal Healing (1.0 CNE)

11-16-2018 09:53


This course introduces the bedside clinician to modern guiding principles of wound dressing selection, complications that can arise when the wrong dressing is chosen and the potential cost of those complications. Key decisions in dressing selection based on the presenting characteristics of the wound and peri-wound area are introduced. Since there are many types of wounds with varying characteristics and many categories of dressings that can meet the needs of the same wound, the characteristics of the different dressing categories are reviewed and compared. A few of the basic categories of advanced therapies for wounds with delayed healing are introduced.

Learning Objectives


After completing this continuing education activity, the participant should be able to:
• Describe moist wound healing and explain why it is the standard of care
• Identify 3 dressing-related complications, their impact on the patient, cost of care, and interventions to prevent them
• Discuss 3 decisions key to selecting the correct dressing for any type of wound
• Identify the major characteristics of an ideal dressing
• Describe how dressings can influence moisture management
• Describe what characteristic determines whether a dressing is considered an “active” therapy
• Define the mode of action of NPWT and its indications, including postsurgical application

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