Reduction of Hospital-Onset Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus aureaus (MRSA) Bacteremia in an Acute Care Hospital. Impact of Bundles and Universal Decolonization

11-21-2019 08:01

Adriana Jimenez, Kathleen Sposato, et al, ID Week 2019 Poster presentation:
Jackson Health System was experiencing higher than expected HO MRSA bacteremia. In response, universal decolonization was implemented in 4 phases.

Phase 1: AST and CHG wipes, contact precautions; Phase 2: AST, switch to Hibiclens for daily bathing, nasal Mupirocin, contact precautions discontinued; Phase 3: No AST, continued Hibiclens bathing, nasal decolonization changed to alcohol-based sanitizer; Phase 4: Added distributing hand sanitizer wipes to patients. HO MRSA bacteremia SIR decreased from 3.66 to 0.97. The largest decrease in cases was attained after daily Hibiclens bathing, nasal sanitizer and patient hand wipes were implemented.
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