Phlebolymphedema: the inter-relationship between the venous, lymphatic and integumentary systems

11-21-2019 08:20

Presenters: Dr. Heather Hettrick and Dr. Marcelo Liberator De Moura

What happens when the human body’s waste and drainage system doesn’t work as it should? In this webinar, Dr. Heather Hettrick explains the science behind edema and what happens when your lymphatic system is affected by injury. At the end of this thorough 20-minute session, participants will be able to:

• Appreciate the relationship between the integument and AVL (arterial, venous, lymphatic) system with respect to edema formation
• Understand the pathophysiology of edema
• Recognize that all forms of edema have underlying lymphatic dysfunction (lymphedema continuum)
• Identify the clinical characteristics of phlebolymphedema
• Employ proper interventions to manage phlebolymphedema

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