Perspectives on Prevention: The Legal Impact (1.0 CNE)

11-02-2018 17:01


The discussion in this course is presented by 3 professionals with expertise in nursing, pressure injury and medical malpractice litigation. Professional malpractice from the nursing perspective, the elements of a claim of negligence as well as the steps in the legal process are presented. Specific issues that arise in malpractice claims related to pressure injuries, documentation practices that increase the risk of litigation as well as those that defend against litigation are a major focus.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to…
• Discuss the prevalence and impact of hospital-acquired pressure injuries/ulcers
• Describe the impact that being named in a lawsuit may have on the nurse
• Discuss the impact that implementing and documenting preventive intervention has on the risk of litigation for the nurse and facility
• Describe the characteristics of nursing documentation that both increase and decrease the risk of litigation related to the development of a hospital-acquired pressure injury/ulcer.

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