Perspectives on Prevention: Overview - CNE 1.5 Contact Hour(s)

09-24-2018 15:47


“Perspectives on Prevention: Overview” discusses threats to the patient’s skin integrity that occur in each department throughout their hospital stay. The hospital wound nurse rounds with the individual unit skin champions to present the risks in the ED, Perioperative, Critical Care, Pediatric and Medical- Surgical Environments, as well as best practices interventions to drive incidence rates down. The Legal and C-Suite perspectives are also presented.

Learning Objectives


After completing this continuing education activity, the participant should be able to:
1. State why the prevention of pressure ulcers is so important.
2. Describe recommended practices for preventing pressure ulcers in patients in different nursing specialties such as perioperative, critical care, or neonatal/pediatric.
3. Identify five areas to address in a comprehensive skin assessment.
4. Discuss the nurse manager’s role in pressure ulcer prevention and management.
5. Delineate where nurses are most at risk for liability regarding pressure ulcers.