Clinical Management of Skin Tears: What You Need to Know

04-29-2020 07:51

Presenter: Dr. Kimberly LeBlanc - At this webinar, Dr. Kimberly LeBlanc will share the updated definition of Skin Tears from ISTAP and validation of the ISTAP classification system. She will cover:

1.    Risk assessment of Skin Tears
2.    Skin Tear prevention
3.    Assessment and management of Skin Tears

Meet the expert

Kimberly LeBlanc 

Chair, Wound Ostomy Continence Institute / Institut de l’Enseignement Pour Infirmières  en Plaies, Stomies et Continence. 
Kimbely is the Academic Chair of the Wound Ostomy Continence Institute and a certified Wound Ostomy and Continence (WOCC(C)) Nurse working with KDS Professional Consulting. Kimberly is an Adjunct Professor with the University of Western Ontario Masters in Wound Care Program and an Affiliate Faculty at the McGill University School of Nursing. Kimberly is a sought after speaker and frequently lectures nationally and internationally on wound and ostomy care and is considered a global expert on wound in the aging population. She has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Kimberly’s current area of research interest is skin health in the frail elderly. She was as awarded the 2018 Nurses Specialized in Wound Ostomy Continence Canada Association President’s award for her contributions to WOC nursing in Canada. 

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