Bacterial migration through punctured surgical gloves under real surgical conditions, Nils-Olaf Hübner, et al, BMC Infectious Diseases 2010

04-29-2020 12:23

Ernst-Moritz- Arndt University in Germany examined 194 Biogel surgical gloves during 20 consecutive elective and emergency surgical laparotomies to determine micro-perforations and bacterial migration. Team members double gloved using a colored indicator system. Bacterial migration was determined through a modified Gaschen-bag method from the inner glove compared with micro-organisms detected by an intra-operative swab.

Perforations were noticed in 10.2% of outer gloves and 1.04% of inner gloves. In 70%, a perforation was noticed by a color change using the indicator-glove system. Bacterial migration was detected in over 50% of perforated gloves. Authors concluded that undetected perforation of surgical gloves occurs frequently and bacterial migration through micro-perforations in surgical gloves does occur.