Advanced Physiology of Wound Healing (1.3 CNE)

11-15-2018 16:38


In recent years, researchers have made great progress in understanding the complex processes that facilitate and control normal wound healing as well as the mediators that impair proper healing in chronic wounds. In order to appropriately counsel patients, plan for future interventions, and facilitate the healing of chronic wounds, nurses must be knowledgeable about the cellular and subcellular events that occur during wound healing. This course will discuss the cellular and molecular basis of normal and abnormal wound healing. Examples of treatments based on wound healing biology that may be ordered for a patient with chronic wounds will also be discussed, including nursing interventions and patient teaching opportunities. Interactive reviews and scenarios will be used to allow learners to apply their understanding of the wound healing process to patient care.

Learning Objectives


This continuing education activity is for nurses who need a more complete understanding of the advanced physiology of wound healing.


After completing this continuing education activity, nurses will: (1) have an understanding of the cellular and molecular components involved in facilitating and mediating normal wound healing; (2) be able to distinguish normal and abnormal wound healing processes; and (3) be able to apply wound healing biology principles to patient care.

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