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Find the right care algorithm: how to protect the sacrum

Presenters: Amit Gefen, PhD, MSc, BSc and Nick Santamaria, PhD, MEdSt, RN, RPN Every patient and every case is unique. So based on risk assessment, how do you decide on the right algorithm for an optimal treatment plan tailored to suit each patient? Professor Amit Gefen and Dr. Nick Santamaria...

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Track your progress: Tools and Methods for Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Presenters: Joyce Black PhD, RN, FAAN and William Padula PhD, Assistant Professor How do you generate the data you need to track your progress with pressure ulcer prevention? Who can help you, and what kind of data do you need? Joyce Black and William Padula help you figure out what questions...

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How to implement an effective Pressure Ulcer Prevention program

Presenters: Sue Creehan MSN, RN, CWON and Peggy Kalowes PhD, RN, CNS, FAHA Integrate and implement vital Pressure Ulcer Prevention programmes and practices with existing protocol and routines. Wound care experts Sue Creehan and Peggy Kalowes guide you through the process of adapting effective...

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How Turning & Positioning can help prevent Pressure Ulcers

Presenters: Amit Gefen, PhD, MSc, BSc and Chenel Trevellini, MSN, RN, CWOCN How can effective repositioning prevent pressure ulcers in patients while protecting caregivers as well? Global experts Professor Amit Gefen and Chenel Trevellini lead this comprehensive discussion on how a turning &...

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How to protect your patients in the OR

Presenter: Diane Kimsey, RN, MSN, MHA, CNOR Perioperative Educator at Einstein Medical Center, Montgomery, US Extended surgery time is among the factors that increase the risk of pressure ulcers in the OR. Join leading clinical educator Diane Kimsey (Einstein Medical Center, Montgomery) as she...

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The difference between dressings: How construction can help you prevent pressure ulcers

Presenters: Joyce Black, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor at University of Nebraska Medical Center Not all 5-layer dressings are created equal. Get the full science on why proper construction matters and how it makes the crucial difference between tissue deformation, pressure ulcers, and your patients. ...

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Are all 5-layer foam dressings the same?

Presenters: Professor Amit Gefen and Professor Nick Santamaria The truth behind the effectiveness of 5-layer foam dressings in pressure ulcer prevention. The webinar highlights the latest research on the use of 5-layer foam dressings for pressure ulcer prevention, in particular focusing on the...

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Real-World Evidence: Proven Results in Pressure Injury Prevention

Presenters: Dr. William Padula, Assistant Professor John Hopkins University Dr. Padula’s study strongly suggests that a hospital could expect significant clinical and financial improvement when using a prophylactic sacral dressing for pressure ulcer prevention, showing a clear relationship...

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Use of a Soft Silicone Bordered Sacrum Dressing to Reduce Pressure Ulcer Formation in Critically Ill Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Presenter: Peggy Kalowes RN PhD Initiating a preventive dressing protocol in ICU cut pressure ulcer incidence by 50% and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. #Webinars #Pressure-Injury-Prevention ​​